We have a strange problem that we are experiencing. Just recently we changed
our DNS server to Merit here in Michigan. We had our own primary dns server
but we opted to hand that over to Merit. We are a school district and have a
web server that hosts our school home page. I changed everything I could
think of on Bm and the web server to resolve to the new ip address of the
dns servers we were given. The domain "Lincoln.k12.mi.us" resolves to, and www.lincoln.k12.mi.us resolves to On our Bm
server I deleted the pxyhost and pxyhost.save files then did a proxy -cc. In
infect I entered the new ip address' of the dns servers. The problem is the
page does not display at times. I have to unload proxy then reload either
with -cc or just reload. Then the page will come up temporarily. I am almost
certain there is a cache issue somewhere. Can anyone offer some advice or
help on how to resolve this.