Had a bad day at work! GroupWise has descended to new depths of
unreliability (with all of this new Active Sync/SOAP stuff - which is
pretty much an essential requirement these days). The POA has crashed due
to segmentation fault (bad code) twice today and also had to be bounced
twice due to a SOAP threads issue, so 4 POA outages in one day -

Sorry, but I think Novell have lost the plot with GroupWise.

Anybody know of a job for a capable Linux/Novell (with the emphasis on
Linux not Novell) sysadmin in Sydney? I love my Open Source software,
because it is both flexible and reliable. Less keen on Novell software
because reliability is a real concern, but happy to work with it if needs

Not much of a rant really, I'm too worn out by Novell's bugs to have much
fight left in me. If Novell still exist in 5 years I'd be really
surprised, they have pretty much shot themselves in the foot so many
times that either they cannot walk to where they can find sustenance or
they will bleed to death before they do - really sad!!!

Cheers, Simon.