I'm having issues with any DLU I've created through ZCM 10.3.1 where I use the USER-SOURCE as source for the credentials the DLU must create.
- The backend is eDirectory 8.8 SP5? (newest available for SLES 10 SP3 x86_64 with OES2 SP2)
- The ZCM servers at the moment uses the ADMIN account to read the backend eDirectory to be sure its no issues related to rights.

The DLU(s) creates the user(s) on the local workstation and is able to log in and off without issues. The only related error I can find in the log is:
ZMD - No user daemon registered - Will try starting it.
ZMD - ZenNative.StartUserDaemon(0) returned 1245

Any thoughts on what this might be caused by?

Kind Regards,
Rune "TheFlyingCorpse" Darrud