Groupwise client 8.01 hp1
POA 8.01 hp1

When one user is addressing emails the Name Completion works and shows the correct name. When he then hits Return to accept the name the address selection pop-up appears.

If the name was only partially typed the pop-up shows all matches to the part which had been entered, even though Name Completion had displayed the required individual.

If the name has been typed in full the matched name is listed in the Frequent Contacts area and is highlighted in the Novell Groupwise Address Book area.

Only affecting the one user, but he is getting annoyed. He reports it has been going on for a couple of weeks.

GWChecks showed duplicate folder "Frequent Contacts" confilcting with the Frequent Contacts address book. Resolved by deleting the folder.

GWCheck now reports "Error 83- Item failed to archive" for 37 items - the oldest 5 years old! I know those need deleting manually but don't expect they are causing the addressing problem.

Clues for where to look and how to resolve this problem will be appreciated.