I'm trying to report on inbound proxy activity.

Is there some automated/unattended way to export the log entries.
Instructions say to go to NWAdmin / BorderManager menu / Export Logs /
select settings. So I can get the data I want, but I want to be able to
export these logs on a daily, unattended basis.

Where is this data kept? It appears that it is *NOT* kept in the
HTTP/COMMON log directory. I've disabled the logging (Logging tab under the
HTTP proxy settings), and removed all the log files, and still I'm
collecting data through the export steps. So, the "Enable Indexed Format
Logging" must go somewhere. I did read in the documentation somewhere that
this is in a BTRIEVE format. If I can identify where this btrieve database
exists, perhaps I can get to this information via ODBC instead of the
manual procedures?