I just had an incident where the users would lose all of their icons on their desktops and all the associations are gone.

Here is what happened, in details:

In process of migrating eDirectory Partitions to Windows Servers. One of the NetWare Server 6.5 SP8 had read/write replica to the root partition. After making one of the Windows eDir Servers a Master replica to the root partition, I remove the NetWare 6.5 Server from the replica ring. So it no longer holds any replica for the root partition.

Immediately after I remove that NetWare 6.5 server from the replica ring, all of a sudden, all users start losing their icons/apps if the NAL refreshes.

I looked at the user objects and nothing changed, all their memberships are still in tact. The groups that they are members of still have the same applications associated to them. If I add the application to the user object directly, it will show up. But if the applications are added to the groups they are members of, they don't see any apps.

All the OUs' Launcher Configuration Set application inheritance level, User and Workstation, are set to 1. That should be allowing NAL to search up the tree one level above the location of the user's OU.

When I add that NetWare 6.5 Server back to the replica ring, all users are able to see their apps/icons again.

Anything I need to do for eDir or Zenworks in order to allow users to see their apps, after I remove the NetWare Server from the root partition?

Thanks in advance!