We've got a intermitent problem with our DNS/proxy. Staff keep reporting a
"bad gateway" error and when I look at the proxy console option 4 our
external DNS servers are reported as being down. If I continue to watch the
status they go up and down quite a lot. I've checked with our ISP and they
state they have no DNS problems and for once I'm inclided to believe them as
i've tested them myself when the proxy says they are down and I can get a
response from them via a none proxied PC. Strangely unloading the proxy and
then reloading with the -cc option sorts the problem out for 1/2 an hour or
so but after that it starts again. Any ideas anyone?

We are on Nw6.5 SP5 with BM3.8 Sp4 with craigs tuneup.ncf & proxy.cfg's.

Thanks in advance.

Matt (CNE)