I'm trying to create a report that list all computers in specific computer labs that have games install on them. And I don't consider the games Solitary, MineSweeper and FreeCell as important. So I don't include them in my search. Here's what I have so far.


Name of product - ex.: Unreal Tournament
Category of product - ex.: Games
Company - ex.: GT Interactive Software
PC name - ex.: B121-21
Path - ex.: C:\Program Files\...


( Product Category = Games ) AND
( Name of product not = Solitary AND
Name of product not = FreeCell AND
Name of product non = Minesweeper ) AND
( Name of PC Contains b037 OR
Name of PC Contains b273 OR
Name of PC Contains d136 OR
Name of PC Contains h023 ) AND
( Path Begin with C:\)

The problem is when I include the column "Path" I get 14 records which contains most of the time duplicates PC. But when I skip this column the report seems good. But I really need to include the path in my report. That way the teacher can more easily find and remove the game in question. So is it even possible to do that?

Thanks in advance for the help!