Have just got my datasync up and going a few days ago. Everything has been syncing fine except the folders under my cabinet folder. Instructions say that the folders will get created and sync to a device on initial sync and then the contents will sync when the user opens the folder on the phone. I have opened the folder on my phone and selected send/receive, I see a message on the screen that says it's synchronizing but nothing gets copied to my phone.

It was not working with Update1 build 118 so this morning I upgraded to Update 2 build 183 to see if that was corrected. Everything is still working as before (ie. contacts and mailbox sync fine), but I still can not sync any items in folders under my cabinet folder.

When I look in the admin console I can see the folders such as /Cabinet/Folder_name and I see items in the Pending Items column that match the number of emails in that folder in my Groupwise but it never moves over to the Synced Items column after syncing with my phone. I see the same with my Junk Mail, Sent and Trash folders as well.

I have a Samsung Omnia II with Windows 6.5

Anyone else seen this problem or am I just doing something wrong.