My boss pointed this out to me today. On our remaining Netware servers, when you set a directory space restriction it shows you the amount of available space via Windows, C1 etc not only on the folder where you set the restriction, but also in subdirectories. However on our OES2 SP2 Linux servers, using the same tools when we check the available space for subdirectories beneath space restricted folders it reports the entire amount of free space on the volume. The restrictions themselves are working properly however - when I try to copy a file that exceeds the higher level restriction it fails. This isn't a major issue or anything, just wondering if someone else has seen it or knows how to fix it. One last thing, it seems to me if I was looking in the right place in iManager, in the file system view, it doesn't even report on the amount of available space of a restricted folder. Is this no longer a feature? Thanks in advance for any insight.