Hello all,

I was looking to see if anyone has made the move to SuperLumin Nemesis to replace their BM server(s)?

I am currently looking at replacing my BM servers with SuperLumin and was looking for any suggestions.

I am thinking I will removed the mirrored drives of my current BM server and replace them with 2 new drives and setup a SUSE Linux 64 bit box for SuperLumin and place it in my secondary location for initial testing.

Does anyone know of any guides to setting up SuperLumin Nemesis in a Netware environment? I would really like to take advantage of the 64 bit and moving forward with a Linux solution.

Our current setup is:

File and print servers: NW 6.5 SP8 and eDir
BM Servers (2): NW 6.5 SP7, eDir and BM 3.9 SP2 - running in their own OU that is partitioned.

One of my BM servers has basic internet access out setup with NAT and one DMZ. The other BM server has Internet access with NAT (static and dynamic), VPN configured and 2 DMZs setup.

My thinking is I will just replace the simpler solution for testing with SuperLumin.

What other impact should I be looking for? I know when my 2nd BM server was down (water damage, time waiting for parts to arrive) - a lot of users get their eDir credentials confirmed through this server, I had quirky issues with dirve mappings not working perfectly but if I set their preferred server to a different server, everything worked flawlessly.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated.

Steve D.