When you try to deploy software using Recurring - When device is refreshed it will many times place the install in a pending state and either not deploy or deploy when a you manually refresh the device. I've had to randomly call users and, yes, I've found a condition where some users do not reboot their PCs that often and they are stuck pending until they reboot, but many would not get the update even if you reboot and it would actually require you to manually refresh ZenWorks.

ZCM 10.3.0 with clients still at 10.2.2 but I've tested it against 10.3.0 clients.

Bundle example:
Bundle copies 2 small files to the root of C: then another bundle and a static Windows icon access these files. The day of the deployment users call in saying the icon linking to the files doesn't work. I check the status of the bundle's deployment and see they're stuck in "Devices Pending" for Overall Deployment Status. When I remoted them I simply refreshed and they got the file.

The only workaround I've found is to use ZenWorks Login (Windows Login doesn't seem to work), but then I'm not getting the employees who rarely reboot.

Any ideas?