When I get some Novell screens, I often get asked to put in a "fully
qualified" name, at which point I enter


This is a small network, and in my infinite lack of wisdom when I set it up,
I made the tree, the context, and the organization all the same, so I'm
entering dot-name-tree/context/organization/whatever in my own feeble mind.

Just now, I was doing an experiment - I logged in as w/s-only, then fired up
a browser which was still pointed to the proxy. And when I put in my names
as dot-name-context, it failed. If I just put my name, no dots, no
context/tree/whatever, it works.

Why? I'm asking because I did this test as part of figuring out how to
configure other software to authenticate via the proxy at times like
overnight when no user is logged in. I thought I was being careful by
putting in the qualified name but it turns out I was breaking it, and the
other software (Symantec's Live Update) now works fine with just a plain
name and password. I was using the proxy login just to figure out the
syntax that worked.

BM 38/SP4/IR3 on NW65/SP5/UPD1, w/s is XP/Pro/all patches, C32 is 4.91 SP2
(?) plus a couple of post SP patches.