NW 6.5.8
NBM 3.8.5
iManager Version 2.7.2 (20081017_172753)

50-50 shot of posting in the wrong forum, fiqured I'd staht here.

Updated to iManager 2.7.2 as rev 2.0.2 was no longer allowing any NBM management abilities. Installed the NBM 3.9 plug-ins as the 3.8 plug-ins were not acknowledged by the new iManager. Have actually been able to create new rules and service types since the update. Quickly re-learned my input methods now that "Only alphanumeric characters and minus(-) and underscore(_) allowed in filter names" with the new management plug-ins.
However... attempting to modify existing filter exceptions and/or service types is impossible as the new naming convention warning appears. I tried modifying the names of existing exceptions, then it then errors out due to "duplicate names".

Are there any options for working around this besides:
  • deleting and recreating existing rules/types
    ** and/or **
  • upgrading to NBM 3.9??