I have one workstation which for some bizarre reason does not access
client trust, which is loaded via the login script, and there is no
firewall. I've written several times to various forums with no luck.
So now I'm wondering if I can step around the problem by using proxy.pac
to authenticate to BM. Is this possible, and if so, what is the syntax?
The workstation in question is a laptop and uses proxy.pac already:

> function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
> {
> // variable strings to return:
> var proxy_yes="PROXY";
> var proxy_no="DIRECT";
> // websites for which proxy is bypassed:
> if (shExpMatch(url, "http://www.mycompanywebsite.com*")) {return proxy_no;}
> if (shExpMatch(url, "http://www.2ndwebsite.com*")) {return proxy_no;}
> if (shExpMatch(url, "http://www.3rdwebsite.com*")) {return proxy_no;}
> if (shExpMatch(url, "http://www.4thwebsite.com*")) {return proxy_no;}
> if (shExpMatch(url, "http://www.etcetera.com*")) {return proxy_no;}
> // Proxy if PC is on local LAN:
> if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", "")) {return proxy_yes;}
> else
> return "DIRECT";
> }

BTW, I have also tried connecting just by entering the proxy settings
directly in the browser, again with no success.

Another question: could there be a switch in the Novell client which is
causing the problem?