I have an SLES OES2 SP3 Netware file server that responds to to a browser attemptingto access ftp://ftp.serverip

When it does, I see one period for the current directory, and two periods to navigate up one directory. If I c lick on either of the set of periods I am told that I'm not allowed (which is a good thing). What I'd like is for the server to not even bother to respond to the request for an anonymous connection. That would make the local security staff happy also.

In yast, SW MAnagement one the server I see that I have the lukemftp, Novell-migration-ftp, pure-ftpd, rubygem-net-sftp, wget, and yast2-tfpt-server installed.

I've looked at the running daemoms and can not determine which one might be an ftp service.

If I can locate the PID # I could kill it, then I would like to find out how it gets launched and stop that too. I do have to boot this thing once in a blue moon, and I'd like not to have to manually find and stop the FTP service each time.

Any thoughts or help will be appreciated.