I had a 3 nodes cluster. I remove one node in this cluster. I then reinstalled a new netware 6.5 SP8 server and add it into this cluster. The cluster is still a 3 nodes cluster. But I have the following information on the last node installed :

CLUSTER-<FATAL>-<92>: Server XXXXX was unable to obtain a valid Cluster Server
License. Please contact your Network Administrator. Error # C0001002.

CLUSTER-<WARNING>-<17>: NCS PM can not obtain cluster server license. Another at
tempt will be made later.

I tried removing and adding the 3rd node again, nothing has changed. I add a replica on this server to the container containing the licence, nothing changed. The installation process tells me that the licence is already in use.
I changed the node number in C1, to totally remove the old server and verify the number for the other nodes. Nothing change.

Do you have any idea?