We are a school connected to the London Grid for Learning (LGfL). We use
BM3.8 SP4. We need to forward all our Internet traffic via an upstream
proxy because LGfL's proxy provides an excellent content filtering
service. The upstream proxy is SQID but it does not have any form of
cache hierarchy implemented. It appears that BM cannot be forced to use
an upstream proxy without using the cache hierarchy. If I implement the
cache hierarchy client BM works OK for a while then ICP cannot contact
parent(s)messages appear every 2 secs & BM starts to lose connections.

I need to use BM because of ClntTrust authentication. I also need to run

It has been suggested that I could build a simple SQUID box as a
transparent proxy between BM & the upstream proxy & implement ICP
locally. This is a bit of a pain. Any suggestions as to how to proceed?

Keith Bailey
Computer Manager
Kingsbury High School