I have a NW6.5-SP8 Server that hosts my GroupWise 8 System (MTA, POA, GWIA - with GWAVA GWIA Scanner). Lately, it seems that the processor utilization gradually rises over a period of a week to a point that the GroupWise Clients' response times become sluggish and the GWAVA Reload copies become slower and slower (from normal time of about 17 minutes for the PO backup to about 45 minutes at week's end).

I have watched this progression on the Processor Statistical Trend Graphs in NRM and now have found an anomaly that I am looking to find out more about. At the Console Monitor on the server, I have found a thread/interrupt in the Busiest Threads section of the Kernel section labeled "Replicator" that keeps bouncing to the top of the list, and I have not seen this on another server.

Does anyone know what the "Replicator" thread/interrupt is, or what program/module it is tied to?