Helo, my enviroment is: OES2 sp2 - only one server, workstation windows 7, windows xp, windows me.

I recently migrate from netware 5, to OES2 sp2, in OES2 I have create a new tree, and for now I have just one server with no replica, in a few months I will install a new server to be a replica from OES2.

The problem is, even with a new tree (different tree from netware server), when I turn off the netware server in the windows me workstation, I can not find the new tree and log in the OES2, then to test, I turn on the netware 5 again and then the windows me workstation find again the new tree and log on the OES2 server.

This problem I resolved starting the openslp on OES2 server and putting the entries (scope list, directory agent list) in the client of windows me workstation (then I find the tree and can log on the OES2 server with the netware 5 turned off).

But now in some directorys (nss volumes) the file scan by the "windows explorer" on windows me is too slow. When I turn on the old netware 5 server (different tree) the speed is normal.

Any ideas of what is happend ?