ZCM 10.3

Application Bundle (an MSI app) was created *without* Uninstall enabled.

We now want to uninstall the application from selected machines.

I want to do this in such a way that the ZCM launcher knows that application is uninstalled, and without disrupting the remaining users of the bundle.

So I cannot just do a manual Add/Remove software as ZCM client will still "think" it is installed.

If I enable uninstall on the bundle, of course nothing happens *unless* I also increment the version number. BUT if I do increment the version number then ZCM on *ALL* the machines think the Bundle is NOT installed, and to uninstall it (on the selected machines) I will need to "install" it first before I get the option to uninstall. :-)

Anyone know any method to fix this ?
Anyone know how to "reset" the install status of a Bundle from the ZCM client perspective ?