ZCM 10.3, mostly Windows XP Pro devices. Printers described via OES2, still using also ZfD 4.0.1, no iPrint so far. I wondering what is the best approach to describe printer policies? I mean, in ZfD I'd create a printer(s) and applied it(s) to workstation(s), we did here that way. If I'm correct, now I can handle this the same (several printer policies can be associated with one device/user, correct?), but, maybe is better to describe policies ... by the room where printer(s) is installed? Or ... mixed way? Any experiences/advices in this area? Yeah, probably it depends, but maybe there is some hints.
I tried some time ago with one printer associated with one user and ... policy did work out well, installed nipp and ... printed ok. I noticed that printer access security should not be high, middle is ok.
More thanks, Alar.