I'm new to setting up bordermanager. We just installed it (v3.8) in
order to put in a transparent proxy so we can use surfcontrol.

I have the transparent proxy working currently. I am using myself as
the test user, and I have my gateway set statically to the proxy server
(and added port 80 to the port list on the transparent proxy tab in

With this setup, I can browse basic web pages in IE7 or Firefox, but as
soon as I try to get to something more complicated (logging into
Hotmail, going to mail.yahoo.com, going to the surfcontrol download
page, etc) I get error messages (page cannot be displayed... connection
was interrupted while page was loading).

I'm sure the solution is simple. Perhaps I have to add more ports to
the proxy list or something, but I'm not really sure. Can anyone give
me some guidance? The pages I'm testing aren't important, but we use
plenty of other secure websites that will need to be accessible when
this proxy goes live.