Our district is looking to allow users to access their network files from home, and I've told them that NetStorage should provide what they're looking for. I haven't used it before, but I installed it on a test server and was able to login with my account and get my mapped drives from my login script. The only problem is some of the drives don't populate with files. For instance, any mapped drives to the server that my home drive is on seem to work. But I have two other mapped drives to two different servers, and when I click on them they don't show any files.

So I guess I have a few questions...first where can I find out why some of the mapped drives don't show any files? Is there a log file? I have file supervisory rights to the tree so that shouldn't be an issue.

Second, whats the general consensus on the best platform for NetStorage...SLES 10 SP3 or NW 6.5 SP7? We are a mixed environment of Netware 6.5 SP7 and SLES 10 SP3, though SLES is only on a few servers at this point. eDirectory 8.8 SP5 patch 2, I am planning to update to 8.8.5 patch 5 over Christmas (cross your fingers).

Any other advice for a new deployment of NetStorage?