We started out pretty good with ZCM 10.3 and then started noticing the ZCC was getting very sluggish and slow to respond. We isolated the problem to LDAP queries, logging in and manipulating users in the ZCC.

After taking a tcpdump off the primary server I noticed that the ZCC was communicating with any of the ldap server connections listed for our user source. The problem is, the ldap servers are located at offsites for satellites to communicate to their local servers. Most of them are on T1 connections and can be quite distant.

The ZCC and primaries are located in the same LAN as 2 LDAP servers which are also listed. How do I make the ZCC/Primary talk only to the 2 local LDAP servers? I removed the other ldap connections from that primary in the Configuration section (thought that was the problem). After rebooting it still communicates to whatever LDAP server it wants to....