Netware 6.5SP8, Backup Exec 9.2, gigabit ethernet:

I'm trying to figure out how I can set up a newer NAS device for backup,
wanting 2-4TB of disk space, to work with Netware 6.5 and BE 9.2.

Does anyone have any solution they can recommend? We won't be making
the transition to Linux for quite some time yet, so I need a solution
that works for both Netware and Linux.

I have looked at the iomega ix4-200r, which appears to have the ability
to do a bindery login to a Netware server, but I can't see how my
server-based Backup Exec is going to see it in order to back up to it.
Unlike the old Snap! servers, this one is designed to look like a
workstation rather than a server, and can't be added into the tree; it
just does a Novell bindery-based login, like a workstation.

So does anyone have a suggestion for another device that might work in
this scenario, that is hung off the network instead of the server? I'm
trying to replace a very dated HP Storageworks 3000 that is
SCSI-attached and has about 2TB worth of 146GB SCSI drives.


-- DE