Had a few problems installing Update 2 on SLES 11 SP1. But managed to get it all working OK in the end.

I followed the instructions on The Caledonia Guide to the letter. While the install process went through OK and I was able to enter the configuration information OK once the install process ended and went into the final set up phase I got a number of errors of the nature "an error was returned while calling postgres_steup_1.sh1:1" etc. And then when checking the status after everything completed the syncengine was dead.

Trying to restart the syncengine just gave errors. Also postgres did not appear to be loading correctly.

Fortunately we had a snap shot of the initial SLES server installation which we were able to revert to. I then tried the install again but instead of checking the box to Block Incoming Devices this was left un-checked. The installation and configuration then completed fully without errors and on checking the status all four components were running.

I was then able to go into the web console and make changes etc and get ready for the next phase of testing.

So for some reason if you choose to block incoming devices during the config ohas eof the install some part does not work properly and the install does not complete properly.

Just thought I would post this in the hope that it helps others avoid a day of searching forums etc.