I'm running OES 1.0.2 and BM 3.8.3 with most everything running just fine. I just need to see at any given point in time who's on the internet and what are they doing - as far as bandwidth goes. I get questions about sudden slowdowns in internet response times and I'm pretty sure they're internal. We're a school district and I allow streaming media, since that's very relevant in the classroom at times, however, if one group is trying to do some basic research and I have several teachers listening to on-line radio stations or whatever and the Internet becomes too slow for the students, I need to know who to go and talk to. They're not trying to slow things down, mostly they just don't understand. I know how to tell if my internet is up or down, but I really have no idea about how to evaluate it. BorderManager and CyberPatrol do a fine job of telling me who went where, but not who's being a bandwidth hog (gosh, maybe it's me!). Any help is appreciated!!