We are segmented out our OU's based on departments in our eDirectory tree for different reasons. Anyway, last night we moved 130 users from one OU to another. About 25 of those users are using mobility. After the move their devices quit syncing. From the mobility console the user and device dissapeared both from the mobility view as well as the groupwise view. We use a group to manage adding users to mobility. The users will still in the group with correct context. The only way we could get the users to sync again was to remove them from the group, allow the group to be polled by the mobility server (I assume at this time mobility deleted the user from the system even though we could not see the user anymore from the console) and then we readded the user back to the group and once again had the mobility server poll the group.

We learned the hard way, but I have no idea why mobility could not figure this out on its own. As removing and adding the users back in was a tedious process.