Hi everyone,

Strange or "normal" issues : We have Windows 7 pro, Novell client Ir3 for win7, and autolog for workstation. We have also the ZCM Adaptive agent.

There is a registry value that must be the same as the COMPUTERNAME, otherwise, zenworks autologin doesn't work..... here is the registry value:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\DefaultDomainName

We want our clients to just enter the login novell, without to enter workstation login and automatically be logged to Zenworks (with ldap credentials). it seems that if this DefaultDomainName have not the same value as the COMPUTERNAME variable, zenworks adaptive agent will not autologin the user and it's a pain for our clients. And also, our Novell client doesn't have mapping !

Another problem: when we restore an zen image, the image safe data will change automatically the computername, but not the DefaultDomainName registry entry, so the zenworks agent will not be logged with the user LDAP credentials. If we force the value of the registry with computername, after a reboot everything's fine.

Anybody have encounter this issue?

Definitively, the passage to Windows 7 have a huge bunch of surprises ?

thank you for your support