Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Novell Data Synchronizer Version: 1.0 Build: 183

When attempting to add users from Secondary Domains (DS is configured for a Primary Domain POA), I get:

SOAP method loginRequest returned 53365


Unknown status code: 53365


configureUser: Failed to login to user! Can not complete this users configurations wit
hout logging in.

POA is enable on my POA's and I can telnet to them at 7191 without a problem.

I do get a "loginRequest: Redirecting this user to POA at address: "http://[actual address of secondary POA here]:7191/soap"", so it looks like it starts off on the right foot.

I'm wondering if DataSync just doesn't do Secondary Domain POA's and I missed that in the documentation or something.

Any helpful thoughts?