In disilusoned effort hoping that SP2 Hp1 fixed it, I have updated but the
only thing I have seen is now it's worse than ever. I have to take my main
PO down three times today so far due to maxed out SOAP threads, once
yesterday and then again once last weekend (hey, I have nothing better to do
on weekend other than to come to work on Saturday night).

The rate of the POA in maxing out and not releasing SOAP threads seem to be
increasing as we add Mobility users.

This is not good at all, users are not happy, I'm not happy and all I get is
to wait at my desk after hours hoping that someone at Novell will call me
back in my incident.

At least the GW monitor program is working, I set a threshold trigger for
SOAP and it warns me when it goes above 20. I have it down that if I leave
the house when it starts at 15, I can get to work right when it get's to 80.