I just update my NW65SP7 server to SP8: Everything OK, no error, no problem.

After the reboot, _ADMIN ans SYS are all mounted well (Free disk space on SYS... all OK with SYS)

But ... my VOLDATA not mounted
I run NSSMU, and need to activate the volume: Everything OK after.
I reboot, just to see if I need again an NSSMU command ! ! ! VOLDATA not mounted at boot, and with nssmu activate commant, it's OK.

No problem on boot, and PARTFIX show me no error.

I delete VOLDATA (it's test server!!!), and re-create VOLDATA2.... Same thing appears
VOLDATA2 not mounted at boot, and nssmu resolv problems.

I don't find any error ... at boot my server said that every is ok on VOLDATA

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks for all (and sorry for my english) !