We are using Zen7Sp blah blah blah... on Netware 6.5.8 Servers. Driverupdate Oktober 2010...
Now we have new Hardware from Fusi.

We are using the following Models

Celsius W480, MTB-D2917, S26361-K1000-V615, ABN:K1000-V615-615 ( Mainboard Rev. F)
Celsius W480, MTB-D2917, S26361-K1000-V615, ABN:K1000-V615-372 ( Mainboard Rev. E)
Esprimo P7936E-Star5, MI3W-D3029, S26361-K1030-V600, ABN:K1030-V600-299

In the Past with Driverupdate from June 2010, we are Using Modell 2 and Modell 3, but to make that modells work, we added a string in the following startupfile / Autofile:z_maint.cmd/z_auto.cmd :

acpi=off all-generic-ide

With that string in the files, it was possible to boot the computers and start to image them.

But today, we get the new Modell1. On the Mainboard is REV.F painted ( Modell2 painted REV E on it) . now, new hardware new investigating...
The Modell 1 didnt Image with Driverupdate from June2010 and string in file.
so i did update to driver update Oktober2010.

Modell1 didnt image again.
Modell 2 and 3 imaged fine.

so i delete the string ( acpi=off all-generic-ide ) from the files , and now
Modell1 imaged fine
Modell2 imaged fine
Modell3 didnt image

if i insert the String again ( acpi=off all-generic-ide )following happens again
Modell1 didnt image
Modell2 Imaged fine
Modell3 imaged fine

hmmm... Modell2 works with both configurations, Modell1 and Modell3 need special configuration....

But i CANT configure the Z_Auto / Z_Maint Files the whole time too.

Any Idea outside to make it work in a good way?