I could really use some advice on this, as we're beginning to introduce SLES/OES servers into our network, and OpenSLP does not seem to like our current SLP setup.

We have a single SLP Scope Unit object. It is unscoped. It's serviced by 3 DA's running on NetWare 6.5.

Our UA's (Novell Client 4.91) get all 3 DA addresses via DHCP.

Our SA's (about 100 NetWare 6.5 servers) have the addresses of all 3 DA's in their sys\etc\slp.cfg file.

Here are a few specific questions I compiled after researching SLP:

- Is there any harm in switching our DA's from their current "slp version mode" setting of 1, to 0?

- Is there any advantage to using a scope name of "DEFAULT"?

- Is it necessary start supplying a scope name to our SA's (either through DHCP or Novell Client config)?

- To me, the least potentially destructive route would be to create a new, scoped SLP Scope Unit object and move the 3 DA's one by one over to it. Will it confuse the UAs to have one of the DA's in their list servicing the new, "scoped" scope?

Thank you.