We installed a new bordermanager server into a tree after removing an old
netware 5.0 bm 3.5 box. this server is a fresh 6.5sp5 install with bm 3.8.
the server name is different from what we called the old 3.5 bm server. the
3.8 was patched to sp3 then sp4 and now sp5 beta2 in hopes one of the
patches would fix our issue.

After configuring the proxies we noticed we were getting a lot of the bind
error 48s as multiples of all the proxies we configured. We have checked
the extra config in C1 to see if multiples of the configured IP addresses
were there but none appeared to be.

Next we disabled all the services AND removed all the configured IP
addresses only to find that proxy loads as if we hadn't disabled anything
AND we still have bind error 48. We have even gone so far now as to delete
the brdsrv configs from the extra properties on the server and this has had
no effect either.

Is the proxy services configs saved anywhere else in nds? does proxy.nlm
cache these settings and if so can we clear it?

any ideas?

thank you