We use BM3.8 SP4 on NW6.5. I've been asked to report on license usage for
BM, but I don't know how to get this info.
The license objects for Bordermgr only show (in Tools/Novell Licensing
Services/Generate License Reports) up as a usage of 1 each.
There's nothing in the Tools/Bordermgr section of NWAdmin relating to usage.
Remote Manager only supplies 'Connections in use' stats. While we don't use
the server for anything other than Bordermgr, I'm not sure how accurate this
is as a guide to Bordermgr usage.

Can anyone advise how I might get a good figure? What constitutes a Bordemgr
license in use - is it actual internet access, or an instance of clntrust
being run?


Steve Law