I have a Netware 6.5 SP7 2 node cluster, this use to run our PXE and
DHCP environment (although back then it was a 5node)

We have moved everything to OES Linux however we want to upgrade the OES
Linux to 64 bit.

To solve this problem I thought I would move ZENworks back to Netware...
(as I believe ZEN 7 isn't supported on 64Bit)

However I can't get the ProxyDHCP server to give an address to a client,
even on the same network..

(DHCP does give an address to a client however when booted into the OS)

so dhcp and pdhcp are on different servers.
I have removed PXEclient from option 60

I have told pdhcp.ini to

|# Should the Proxy DHCP server listen on the dhcp port 67



I have tried with the above options set to 1,0 and commented out!!

DHCP is loading..

I do get a DTS error, asking for DTS.ini to be in sys:\system (so for
testing I placed the same one from the cluster server in there.)

Is there anything else I am missing...

Also I just patched the servers with