Ok here is my conundrum:

We have a lab of computers with ZCM 10.3 agents installed on Windows XP SP3. I have workstations policies set for the workstations and user policies set to student users and teacher users. I am currently using DLU on the workstations in that lab. The lab is frozen with DeepFreeze and writes the users policies to a thawed space and uses Data Igaloo (profile redirection tool for Faronics DeepFreeze). Currently we have 2 bundles set:

* Zenworks login - script "zac refresh"
* Zenworks logout - script "zac cc"

I have set these bundles because our ZAV program bundles (deployed to the users using ZCM on a Availability Deployment) say they are out of "the availability schedule" unless I clear the cache and refresh the device\user on login.

My problem is that sometimes users will get the Automatic Zenworks log off window related to "new policies".

Anyone with any suggestions on chaning my configuration or adding something please let me know? I am going to try to gather more info on how many log offs it takes to get the message to go away. I don't see this happen anywhere else but we are not using DLU anywhere else at this time.