On attempting to install a second primary ZCM server, 10.3, on SLES 11, all seems to go well until I enter the new server's certificate, which was issued by the same CA as the first one:

"The issuer of the SSL Certificate used in authentication to the first primary
serve/r does not match the issuer of the specified server certificate."

which shows in the install log file like this:

"com.novell.zenworks.install.customcode.configure. ConfigSSLAction FatalInstallException: The issuer of the
specified signed server certificate doesn't match the CA certificate subject."

(I've found a couple of similar posts two and three years ago, but no solution posted).

At the start of the install, the first primary server's certificate is obtained from it and I am asked if I trust it. The info shown then looks correct and I say "Y". The "issuer" information on that accepted certificate seems to be identical to that on the second primary server's certificate.

Both certificates are good through 2011. The Issuer certificate is good until 2020.

So, any idea about what is going on?

TID 7002165 "ZCM installation ERROR: SSL Certificate used in authentication does not match certificates provided" seems to be similar, though the error wording is not the same, and it is said to be fixed in 10.2.
Has anyone used the workaround discussed there anyway? (I've spend so much time trail-and-erroring on this install I'd really appreciate any suggestions).