3 months ago that I have running ZCM 10.3.1 with Patch Management and I have configured the parameter Orphaning Cache Threshold to 15 days, so that all data in the cache that have not been accessed in 15 days should be eliminated.

I noticed that the cache of my devices Windows XP or Windows 2003 servers continues to grow, the cache not being cleaned, I have a lot of files like Patch-x86_64-windows-2k8sp2_sigs.zip (one for each day) with a size greater of 30 Mb each one. These files are causing the cache occupies more than 2 GB on my devices.

The documentation says that the Cache Orphaning Threshold parameter is to control the growth of the cache, "An orphan is an entry That is insert into the cache But Not accessed Within The Specified number of days by the Orphaning Cache Threshold setting" then when a file is no accessed within days, the file has to be removed from the cache, true ??

When the documentation says "not accessed" what referred to? that the ZAA no accesses to that files or any service o process, for example if a weekly task of antivirus scan these files, it means that the files are being accessed and therefore are not deleted from the cache ???

I therefore exclude the cache from the Antivirus scanning task ?

Can someone help me understand this parameter "Orphaning Cache Threshold" and any clue why the cache is not cleared.

Thanks in advanced