Hello Forums

I was wondering if NetStorage can be working on a Single
SLES10-SP3/OES2-SP2, server without actually having eDirectory on the
server itself but pointing the NetStorage configuration to any server
holding a R/W replica of eDirectory, by this making the NetStorage
easier to move to e.g. DMZ, e.t.c, or just making it a simpler setup for
the NetStorage.

I have tried this with 2 servers, one server with eDir installed and one
where only NetStorage is "ticked" under the OES Install and Configuration.

I can get as far as getting the login page up byt aint able to authenticate.

for the Certificate i took the pem file from the server i points to and
place in the /etc/ssl/servercerts/xxx.pem

Well i think i read sometime this was possible without eDirectory
actually on the NetStroage server, could be i'm Wrong.

Any ideas on this would be great.

- Michael