First of all let me state that I am not a BorderManager admin. I just
develop for LAMP and I am wrestling with an issue on our company intranet
running the latest updates for Open Enterprise Server (which may or may not
have any impact on the issue). The system admin at our company often needs
to call in a Novell specialist so I am trying to research all I can. He is
not much more fluent in this topic than I.

About a month ago, our entire system (both the OES intranet server and
BorderManager proxy to access the outside world) was upgraded. Now I am
finding that on many sites, form data and cookies are not being passed and
processed by remote servers (and our local intranet server too). I have a
persistent login to a forum on an external site but when I access the site
for the first time in a browser session, the login fields appear on the web
page. Without entering any login info, I refresh the web page and see that
I am now logged in (and the login fields are gone).

Can anyone offer ideas on why this is; and how it might be fixed? Prior to
the upgrades, everything was working well.

I have asked the system admin to make sure that scripted web pages are not
cached and he claims that is how he has it set.