We have an OES2 SP2 Server with a Cluster enabled NSS volume und Novell_Samba.
The volume also have a shadow volume.
Since a few days new created users can't access a folder an this volume via samba
when I set user trustees. With Novellclient there are no problems for this user to access
the folder. When adding the user to an existing group that have rights to this
folder the user can access the directoryvia samba. When creating a new group and set
rights for this group an the folder and add the user, he also cannot access the folder.
On other directorys on this volume we don't have this problem.

In the samba logfile every time the user want to access the folder I get this errormessage:

[2010/12/10 10:02:00, 1] smbd/vfs.c:reduce_name(880)
reduce_name: couldn't get realpath for 06 Projekte/*

Thanks for help