We have been using ZCM since the very early days when it gave us a complete nightmare. However then we also used ZFD6.5 and WOL within that.

Now we are a fully Windows 7/AD environment and need ZCM doing the same job with WOL. I cant get any packets even on the same subnet (havent tried the same switch) to send and wake up. I havent used a packet sniffer as yet so dont know this for a fact.

We are a Cisco environment and originally i setup ip-drected broadcasts on each of the vlans i wanted the ZFD box to wake up, also it was listed as a helper address on those vlans as well as an "ip forward-protocol udp 1761" rule in the global configuration of our L3 switch.

Now i just assumed that i can put the LAN address of the ZCM primary server(s) sending the packets in the helper address list and it would work, but its not!.

Is the UDP Port of 1761 still valid?, im reading that most WOL programs use udp port 7 or 9 but mainly 9. I have not created any access lists on the L3 router but i never had to from ZFD6.5 on Netware.

Any ideas would be really appreciated before i go changing my core router configs.

Many thanks