After installing a 64-bit OES2 in an existing tree, I have a couple of problems.

1. DHCP won't start, yast-novell-dhcp fails with 'cannot configure novell-dhcp', starting rcnovell-dhcp gives 'no service for this server' but the service is configured thru iManager (several times recreated) and exists. eDirectory objects showing up properly. In yast logs 'ldap simple bind can't contact ldap server' after trying to configure novell-dhcp. Starting dhcpd with /usr/sbin/dhcpd -d : dhcp servers starts and works. Starting with /etc/dhcpd gives the same 'no service' error. Starting the server with iManager fails.

2. yast oes-install doesn't start at all and returns to the menu, only way to configure the oes services is by calling them one by one.

Can anyone give me a hint on this?

Thanks in advance,
Jan van der Meij.