I upgraded to build 183 this week and now every couple of hours the Groupwise connector shuts down. It will not restart from web admin. With a putty connection, a rcdatasync shutdown results in a data sync config engine failing to shutdown. A restart does OK and gets things going again till the next time. I see this in the groupwise connector log:
2010-12-11 12:52:22.070 DEBUG_VERBOSE [Thread-6] [sink:27] [userID:None] [eventI D:default.pipeline1.mobility-source-soapbridge.781742d4056811e089e200163eaaaaac] [objectID:default.pipeline1.mobility-source-soapbridge.781742d4056811e089e20016
aaaaac] [CheckPoint] sent event to AI, result = None (type <type 'NoneType'>)
2010-12-11 12:52:22.134 ERROR_VERBOSE [Thread-6] [sink:29] [userID:] [eventID:]
[objectID:] [] PSEUDO-DEBUG MESSAGE: AI returned non-Success result code from AI.processEvent().

I would appreciate any help. Thanks