Hi guys,

First, I got a problem with the configuration of the BorderManager

This is the arcitecure of our Network:

Client (Ip 192.x.x.x) access to the Internet about a Netware 6.5 Server
(there is running the Bordermanager,
Gateway 192.x.x.x), then to a off site Proxy (10.x.x.x) over a VPN.
Booked is in the Browser (IE 6) off the users the off site proxy
Which settings are necessary in IE?

Any settings for dhcp?

CLntrust is installed.

THe ACL should used to deny some specific URLs and some services
(webradio, for example)
standard All is allow, only some URLS permit (for example *.gmx.de).

We do not wan't ro bann the URLS by IP, but by group or users of the

Has the Bordermanager himselve to work as a proxy? If he has, what do i
have to do?
Other Ideas?

So on i got one more Problem:

Since an Update for our Backup-Exec-Remote Agent (Veritas) and an
Installation of tsa5up 19 +dsbka the Server shows this error:
"Failed to open Auth Conf File :sys:/etc/proxy/auth.cfg error 1
Session Failover will not be enabled".
The file is not there, backup doesn't work. In Sys/cfg is a file named