I use BM3.8 SP5 together with NW6.5 SP5.
I have a problem, that some users getting the following mail back:
Undeliverd mail:
connect failed after repeated attemts for ....

But when I send a email over a Web-Mailer direct from the internet, there
is no problem with this recipient.

I also set in /etc/proxy.cfg
[Extra Configuration]

- Failed Mail Retry Count = 10
- Failed Mail Retry Interval = 10
so this should be enough.

I also set logging for the mail proxy to enable.
But when I export the logging data for the mail proxy,
I can see only the correct transmissions but not the errors.

So is there a change to log also the bad transmissions.
Maybe this will give me a change to see, whats wrong with my transmission.

Thanks for any reply.