we will generate mail drafts for our employees with this code.

GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application5 objGWSession = new GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application5();
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account      objAccount   = default (GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account);

objAccount = objGWSession.MultiLogin("Username", "/ipa- /ipp-1677", "Password", "", "");

GroupwareTypeLibrary.Messages objMessages  = objAccount.WorkFolder.Messages;

objMessage.Subject.PlainText = "Sample Message " + DateTime.Now;
objMessage.BodyText.PlainText = "Details";
objMessage.Attachments.Add("SomeFile", Type.Missing);

objMessage.Recipients.Add("Your.Name@googlemail.com", "", "");
objMessage.Recipients.Add("Your.Name@ourcompany.com", "", "");
All works fine. We generate mail darfts and subject, bodytext, attachments are okay. But the recipients are emtpy.

When i use objMessage.Send() the recipients are in the message and the mail go out correctly. But its import that the employee will check the mail for sending. so i will only create drafts. Any ideas?